Zvezdnyi Priboy Golden Anik’s (Zaharich)

Zvezdnyi Priboy Golden Anik’s (Zaharich)
  • Date of birth: 08.02.2020
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Black & Tan
  • Height
  • Teeth: Full set(42)
  • Bite: Regular (scissor bite)
  • Mother: Yantarnaya Kapelka Golden Anik’s
  • Father: Frohe Garde Kara Dag For Golden Anik’s
  • Breeders: Nelya Anikatova, Kennel Golden Anik’s
  • Owner: Gergana Sirakova
  • Genetically transmitted decease:

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Zaharich is a young male with excellent character and show temperament, excellent head, straight ears, compact body (currently developing), very good angles, very good lines (top and bottom), tail – curled, correct bite with full set of teeth. He is very friendly, curious and lovable and like all pinschers – excellent guard dog.