Tulskiy Almaz Ostin

Junior Champion of Bulgaria (JCH.BG)

Champion of Bulgaria (CH.BG)

Imported from Russia

Tulskiy Almaz Ostin
  • Date of Birth: 29.04.2017
  • Sex:Male
  • Color: black and tan
  • Height: 29cm.
  • Teeth: 42
  • Bite: correct
  • Genetically transmitted decease: Patellar luxation 0/0 , Eyes – Free
  • Mother: Omalia Santa
  • Father: Rotwild Zhorzh Vellington
  • Breeder: V. Evdokimova(kennel Tulskiy Almaz) and E.Kozlova
  • Owner: G.Sirakova

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Male small size, compact, testicular set, excellent temperament show, very good proportions, very friendly and contact, energetic. It is available for mating!