The puppies from our kennel are sold to their new owners at the age of at least 8 weeks with the following documents:

  • Copy of parents’ certificate for hereditary disease
  • Pedigree, issued by BRFC (Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology)
  • Microchip
  • Vaccines and dewarming (according to puppies’ age)
  • European passport (vaccines and deworming noted in)
  • Recommendations for show and breeding
  • Recommendations for care
  • Sale contract

The puppies travelling abroad will be given after their rabies vaccine and after the quarantine period. The vaccine is put when the puppies are 12 weeks old and quarantine is 21 days after the vaccine. These are medical requirements which strive at keeping the puppies and their new owners healthy.

The price of the puppies in our kennel varies between 1100 to 1600 BGN. The price may be higher depending on the potential and pedigree of a specific dog.

Sometimes, puppies may be sold on lower price due to different reasons (for more information please contact the breeder )

For more information and questions contact us:

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Litter “Q”

Mother: JCH BG, JCH.BG, CH.GR  Bavaria Fury Dragonfly Fiery

Father:JCH.MK, CH.RO, CH.GR, CH.SRB  Zvezdnyi Priboy Golden Anik’s

Q Fury Dragonfly Fiery – reserve

Male Black & tan, born on 10.10.2021г.

 Q’Sara Fury Dragonfly Fiery – reserve

Female Black & tan, born on 10.10.2021г.

Q Fury Dragonfly Fiery – reserve

Male Brown, born on 10.10.2021г.

 Q Fury Dragonfly Fiery – reserve

Female Brown, born on 10.10.2021г.

Litter “N”


Father: JCH.BG, JCH.SRB, CH.BG, GRAND CH.BG Helen Hoff Odin

Nese Fury Dragonfly Fiery

Black & tan Female, born on 29.06.2021, promising for show and breeding. Available for booking! Only with serious interest in the show.