Lollipop Fury Dragonfly Fiery

Junior Champion of Montenegro (JCH.CG)

 Junior Champion of Kosovo (JCH.KOS)

Junior Champion of Greece (JCH.GR)

Champion of Serbia (CH.SRB)

Champion of Greece (CH.GR)

International Champion of Beauty (Inter.CH)


Lollipop Fury Dragonfly Fiery
  • Date of Birth: 27.11.2020
  • Sex:Male
  • Color: red – brown
  • Height: 31 cm.
  • Teeth: 42
  • Bite: correct
  • Genetically transmitted decease: Patellar luxation 0/0 ; Eyes – free; DNA test – clear of genetic diseases

  • Mother: Aurora Black Star von T&IA
  • Father: Israel Bat-Chen
  • Breeder: Gergana Sirakova
  • Owner: G.Sirakova

Check the pedigree here:


Young male with a very good compact body, excellent color, set of testicles, correct bite with full set of teeth, dar keyes, beautiful head,  very playful character, excellent show temperament, upper and lower lines are excellent, front corners are very good, rear – good, tail – sickle carriage. He is a very promissing boy!