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Welcome to Fury Dragonfly Fiery Kennel for Zwergpinscher (minipinscher)

It all began with our daughter’s wish to have a small, black and tan dog. So we took our fist dog in 2012. Out of curiosity we went to couple dog shows. Afterwards we decided to take more dogs and to establish our kennel. In 2014 Fury Dragonfly Fiery Kennel was registered in FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) with official registration number 15/2014.



Fury Dragonfly Fiery Kennel for zwergpinscher has a goal to develop and popularize the breed in Bulgaria. We breed healthy dogs with balanced temperament in accordance to breed standards.

Fury Dragonfly Fiery Kennel’s dogs are with excellent character and devoted to the family. However, we should not forget the proper development of a dog depends not only on genetically predetermined traits but also on the proper care and environment. That is why we choose our dog’s future owners very carefully.

About Us
“Keep in mind taking care after a dog is an enormous, very expensive and a life-long responsibility. Do not act impulsively but think very carefully can you devote the necessary time and resources to the dog.” Gergana Sirakova

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